Ashanti White


Chasing Eden
UrbanEdge Publishing

He is caring yet condescending—full of kindness but lacks the compassion to understand what his peers experience everyday.  His booming voice and sharp tone command authority but offer little in return.  You have to earn my respect, his face seems to say as he thoughtlessly floats through the crowd of mimicking ants that scurry around the building.  With his sepia skin and curly brown hair, one could almost miss him.  But when you see his mahogany eyes accentuated by the creased coolness of his clothes, you're hooked.  And he had caught me.  I don't even know his name...

Reegan lost herself. The moment she grasped sight of the mysteriously handsome gentleman with the striking, cold eyes. Everything told her to avoid Jackson —to walk away, but she did not. She fell in love despite her resolve not to, ignoring his dishonest silence and the intimate night he spent with her childhood friend. Impetuously, Reegan relinquishes her home, career, and comfort to join Jackson in Atlanta, only to be greeted each morning with calls from the ex-fiancé who once occupied her space. As Reegan contends with the reality of her decision, she continues to harbor a secret from her best friend that ultimately challenges the stability of her friendship. Beautifully composed, Chasing Eden is an intricate novel of love and relationships and the wonderful ways they influence who we become.


 Razor Blades Between My Teeth
Neo Literati Press

She squats beside the dumpster. Holds her
hand against the brick
wall for unbearable pain.
Sweat drips drones out proverbial sirens. 

Don’t scream. 
Can’t scream.

Mildew soiled paper rotten urine feces
can’t cover the stench of placenta.

Hailed the Zora Neale Hurston of her generation, Ashanti White once again proves herself a clever wordsmith in this intimate collection of poetry and prose that follows the release of her debut novel. With Chasing Eden, Ashanti White introduced herself as a fresh talent with her penetrating portrayal of relationships, offering the honest insight reserved to the world s most gifted storytellers. Ashanti returns to her roots with Razor Blades Between My Teeth, a collection of classic and newly published works. Tackling historical and contemporary universalities, including sexual assault in "Stolen," linguistics in "Slang," and love in "Do-Right Woman," Ashanti eloquently captures the complex yet beautiful essence of human existence.

Not Your Ordinary Librarian: Debunking Popular Perceptions of Librarians
Chandos Publishing

Librarians have long struggled to combat some of the negative stereotypes about their image and profession, but to do so effectively it is necessary to look at these perceptions in a historical context. Not Your Ordinary Librarian: Debunking the Popular Perceptions of Librarians explores the origin of the images of the librarian in popular media, also looking at the effects of these stereotypes, both negative and positive. White also addresses emerging archetypes which challenge the public s traditional view of librarians. Her book is valuable in helping librarians discredit common myths and misperceptions about their roles, as well as providing an entertaining survey.

Don't Speak
Fall 2012
UrbanEdge Publishing

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